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Air Glide S - med sensorenhet (Kode: BA-AG-s-001)

Air Glide S - med sensorenhet
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Med en kombinsajon av 14 sensorer, blir den relative bevegelsen av luftmassene rundt flyet målt i realtid. Dette betyr et stort fremskritt sammenlignet med tradisjonelle EL-varioer som kun benytter trykksensorer til å måle luftmassenes bevegelse.  Uavhengig av flyreting ser piloten i realtid luftmasse og vind-data oppdatert umiddelbart hvert sekund.

Prisen oppgitt er for Air Glide sensorenhet og Air Glide display størrelse S
A new design concept integrates a device with big 2.7“ display into a small 57mm standard instrument cutout. The perfectly readable display features a contrast ratio similar to printed paper. It is readable in any lighting condition and supersedes mechanical pointers.

Display and sensor unit are seperate devices. All devices are connected via a standardized bus-system with robust cables (CANaerospace). CANaeropsace is e.g. also used in Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 aircraft. Other display units, e.g. in two-seaters can be easily added. Future Butterfly devices will also use this standard.
Variometer and speedcommand with live-airmass-info | live-wind | Butterfly FLARM® Display| artificial horizon | navigation with airport database | final-glide calculator with polars, bugs and ballast | tactical voice output | IGC-Logger | exact compass - no calibration required | battery management for 2 batteries | audio-mixing with support of 2 speakers | gear- and flap-sensors | interfaces for  FLARM®, PDAs and iGlide.

Pris: 30.250NOK
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